ECS104: Health, Hygiene & Nutrition in Early Childhood


14th October 2017 All Day


Galway, Ireland


Through this module, students will develop an in-depth knowledge of the nutritional needs of babies and children and common childhood illnesses. They will be able to demonstrate the ability to plan for optimum health, nutrition and hygiene in young children within their care settings.

On successful completion of this module the student will be able to:

  • Identify the nutritional needs of babies and young children
  • Plan and prepare a balanced nutritional diet for young children
  • Plan for cultural, religious and allergic restrictions with regard to the provision of nutrition to children
  • Recognise the importance of diversity and its impact on menu planning
  • Recognise common childhood illnesses and a range of communicable diseases and syndromes.
  • Devise, implement and evaluate policies and procedures with regard to health, hygiene and nutrition in the early years setting