MG662: Managing Innovation


4th September 2017


Galway, Ireland

Managing Innovation
This module is an introduction to the building-blocks of innovation management for organisations. It looks at the nature of innovation and examines different types of innovation. It explores the innovation management process from start to finish. The module covers topics such as: sources of new ideas, effective selection and portfolio processes, and the challenge of implementation. These innovation processes operate in a context defined through the interaction of people, technology and organisational goals, or more concisely, the innovation strategy of the company.
As part of your learning, you will consider some of the key contemporary issues in innovation management such as the increasing trend towards accessing ideas and expertise from outside the organisation, and the need for organisations to develop capabilities in managing alliances and open innovation mechanisms. The module discusses the growing importance of innovation in services; the role of leadership in supporting innovation performance and the use of formal knowledge management systems to capture and leverage learning.
On completion of this module you should be able to put innovation to work in any organisation through being able to:

  • Identify different kinds of innovation and innovation strategy
  • Manage the innovation process from generation to selection and implementation
  • Motivate and organise people for innovation and learning
  • Apply new organisational forms for innovation