MK5104: Marketing Analytics


8th January 2018


Galway, Ireland

This module will introduce students to the major components of marketing and sales analytics. Using current analytical tools and techniques, students will learn how to generate analytics to support data-driven decisions in such areas as marketing insights, competitive analysis, strategy, price, sales and promotions. Students will also learn how to synthesise the findings across these marketing areas and create an informed interpretation of actionable results and data-driven recommendations.

This course is taught online.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have the ability to apply marketing analytics driving multiple phases of the marketing campaign.
  • Select the appropriate analytical and statistical tools to provide timely, accurate, actionable analysis.
  • As a consumer of analytics, have the ability to interpret results from other sources (i.e. internal and external analytical reports) and convert information into actionable decisions.
  • Understand marketing and analytical concepts and processes and be able to apply them to diverse marketing campaigns and programmes.
  • Be able to create meaningful reports and presentations.