creative art therapy course

Professional Certificate in Creative Art Therapies


9th February 2019 All Day

Creative arts therapies are widely used in a variety of settings from private practice to multidisciplinary teams within hospitals, rehabilitation centres, hospices, residential care facilities, mental health and social care services, schools and disability services. They are particularly useful where verbal expression is limited or difficult. Since images exist before words, they provide access to both unconscious processes as well as supporting us to work with both sides of the brain.

Course Content

This programme consists of five one-day workshops, each of six hours duration. Each day will be highly experiential and focus on both the self-of-therapist and client casework through working with visual journaling, personal symbols, image making, music and drama. No prior experience in these areas is necessary in order to participate in the course. To provide each student with an opportunity to engage with and experience the creative modalities of art, music and drama therapy. You will be learning to give students a ‘hands-on’ experience of each discipline, provide an introduction to the fundamental theoretical concepts of these arts therapies, explore the unique contributions, qualities and features of different creative modalities, and consider the ways in which these can complement each other enhancing and transforming the therapeutic process.


Upon completion of this Certificate, participants will have relevant knowledge about the unique role of the creative arts and their place in the therapeutic process. Furthermore, participants will be familiar with the use of a range of creative interventions from the disciplines of art, drama and music and possess an understanding of their use and limitations.


  • Day 1:   Introduction to Visual Journalling – 9th February 2019
  • Day 2:   Working with personal symbols in a group context – 10th February 2019
  • Day 3:   Introduction to Drama Therapy – 6th April 2019
  • Day 4:   Introduction to Music Therapy – 7th April 2019
  • Day 5:   Integration Day – 15th June 2019