SC4222: Social Care Management and Leadership in Social Care Settings


23rd September 2017


Galway, Ireland

This Continuous Professional Development module explores management and leadership theory and practice in the social care context. The role and functions of an effective manager including supervision and quality control will be reviewed. Organisational structure, culture and change will be explored. The role of the manager in the inter-professional and multidisciplinary team will be outlined.

This course is taught over 2.5 days (23rd Sept + 20th Oct + 11th Nov 2017)

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically discuss management theories and an overview of management in the health and social care sector in Ireland.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and functions of managers in social care settings with a particular focus on supervision and quality control.
  • Critically review approaches to leadership in the context of social care practice.
  • Describe the different types of organisational structure, the role of culture in organisations and the complexities of organisational change.
  • Understand the concept of management in inter-professional and multidisciplinary contexts and the practicalities of team-building and team work.