TE139: Course Design


16th January 2018 All Day


Galway, Ireland

Systematic design of instruction is the main focus of this module. The systematic approach starts with the analysis phase, then the design of the learning event, the development of learning materials, implementation of learning, followed by assessment and evaluation.

Course offered in Maynooth 9 & 10th January 2018;

Course offered in Galway 16 & 17 January 2018

Learning Outcomes:

1.  Discuss general and specific up-to-date concepts and models of course design. Demonstrate their limitations and how they are applied in training and learning environments.

2. Describe and explain how systematic training models can underpin effective design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of training interventions.

3. Select and apply the principles of good course design to include appropriate instructional goals, and the development of course content to cater for diverse learning preferences.

4. Synthesise instructional design information accurately so as to communicate training and education related concepts, ideas, and decisions to the design of training interventions.

5. Be able to identify a training need, design a training programme to satisfy the training need. Manage the Instructional design aspects of training, education, and development function in an organisational setting.

6. Exercise autonomy and judgement in applying professional competence to a range of complex education and training related situations. Show how training and education bridges the gap between desired and actual performance and how it empowers participants to meet future challenges.

7. Manage learning tasks independently, professionally and ethically, and use this competence to provide guidance to others.

8. Demonstrate a comprehensive and professional commitment to the wider societal value of training and education in advancing life’s chances, in promoting opportunities and in supporting personal and professional development.