TE170: The Virtual Learning Environment


7th September 2018 All Day


Galway, Ireland

This module aims to provide an understanding of electronic learning technologies and their adaption in designing, implementing and moderating courses in a virtual learning environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate broad, up-to-date, general knowledge and specialised knowledge of the scope and context of the virtual learning environment as it relates to adult learners
  • Explain fundamental models and concepts of the virtual learning environment and how their underlying principles determine appropriate integration of technology in the learning environment
  • Explain the range of knowledge, skills and competence needed by educational practitioners to develop, facilitate and manage an effective virtual learning environment and the range of knowledge, skills and competence needed by learners to fully engage in collaborative virtual learning communities
  • Apply advance analytical skills to the practical considerations of establishing a virtual learning environment that encompasses online learning models and blended learning models
  • Exercise autonomy and judgement when employing technology design competence to develop appropriate pedagogical approaches for different delivery models within the virtual learning environment
  • Manage and take professional responsibility when evaluating the relationship between the learner and learning technologies, and use this evaluation to develop positive individual and collaborative learning situations
  • Reflectively appraise the knowledge and skills that contribute to successful management and monitoring of the virtual learning environment
  • Express professional commitment to adopting appropriate pedagogical practices when designing, developing, implementing and managing the virtual learning environment