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This 11 week blended learning course from Dorset College is designed for those who aspire to become healthcare managers or middle managers and wish to enhance their personal skills and develop their managerial competencies. It is open to all healthcare clinical and nonclinical professionals.

The course employs various methods such as individual exercises, group discussions, and formal presentations to aid learners in improving their skills in communication, teamwork, influencing, strategic thinking, planning, and organising in healthcare. Additionally, the course offers an introduction to the Agile approach and techniques that can foster innovation. The online programme is multidisciplinary and open to all professions.

Through this course, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and personal skills to effectively contribute to the management of health services and achieve organisational goals and objectives. The course will be taught by an experienced Health Service Management Professional.

The course begins with an introduction to leadership and the evaluation of social and administrative frameworks in healthcare and personal services. Upon completing this unit, learners will be able to analyse the evolving role of leadership, including current and past examples of effective leadership and its impact on outcomes. They will also evaluate leadership styles and approaches in public and private contexts, consider leadership dilemmas, recognise the need for leadership in all aspects of life, and assess the impact of personal and public ethics, morals, and values.

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