switching career

5 Tips for Switching Career

23rd August 2018 0

September has always been a popular time for people to rethink their career. What with the kids going back to school and the summer holidays

first aid and healthcare cpd courses

First Aid and Healthcare CPD Courses

16th November 2017 0

In the event of an emergency or accident, making the correct decisions at the right moment can make the difference between life and death. As

part time cpd courses

Part Time CPD Courses

16th November 2017 0

For many employees or business owners, part time Continuous Professional Development offers the benefit of continuing to earn money whilst upgrading the skills needed to

finding relevant cpd courses

Finding Relevant CPD Courses

13th November 2017 0

These days employees undergo continuous evaluation and are judged on their competency and are appraised against their peer group. Workplace objectives are constantly changing due

online and e-learning CPD courses in Ireland

CPD Courses by Distance Learning

13th November 2017 0

For many people working full time, the road to professional development can lay in the direction of distance learning. While it may seem that distance

CPD for career development

Contribution of CPD to Career Development

7th November 2017 0

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an activity performed to enhance productivity, knowledge and skills. The principle underlying CPD is that continued learning is essential to

continuous professional development

What Is CPD?

4th August 2017 0

CPD or Continuing Professional Development is education with the aim of earning or maintaining professional qualifications and credentials to enhance workplace skills and enable career