High Dependency Maternity Care

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Building upon existing knowledge and skills, this module seeks to enable practitioners to anticipate, assess, plan, prioritise, implement and evaluate care by enabling them to develop the specialised knowledge and skills required for working with women who require high dependency care in pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.
Application deadline is the 15th of November.

Specialised clinical knowledge and skills in midwives and other health professionals can help minimise potentially avoidable maternal mortality in women requiring high dependency maternity care. The aim of this Professional Credit Award module is to improve midwives’ acute care knowledge in the following subject areas:

  1.  High dependency care in context
  2. Principles of haemodynamic and respiratory monitoring in the midwifery client
  3. Medical complications of pregnancy 1: Diabetic disorders; Haematological complications; Septic shock
  4. Medical complications of pregnancy 2: Cardiac disease; Hypertensive disorders; Liver disorders of pregnancy
  5. Professional issues in midwifery care
  • Type : Part Time
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