Negotiation Skills Course

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Negotiation Skills explore how two or more parties with competing interests discuss and manage issues so as to attain an agreement, settle a matter of mutual concern, or resolve a conflict. Negotiation is a valuable leadership and management skill, which is employed in a wide range of business contexts, such as contracts, deal-making, employment discussions, team building and disputes. Negotiations occur in commercial, non-profit and governmental organisations.

This module is delivered online and includes a 3-day online workshop.

Course Content

  • Comparing distributive and integrative negotiations, as well as identifying the sub-process of negotiations.
  • Distinguishing between interests and positions, as well as outlining the elements of principled negotiations.
  • Applying active listening techniques and investigating the joint outcome space through BATNA, ZOPA and anchoring.
  • Exploring the agent-client dynamics in negotiations and crafting solutions via standards and persuasion.
  • Managing hardball tactics and non-engagement, as well as identifying ethical issues in negotiations.

Assessed by continuous assessment and a test during the three-day workshop

  • Type : Online
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