Why Choose Pitman Training?

Pitman Training

Before embarking on a course from any training provider, it is advisable to spend some time researching and reflecting on your training needs. In answering a number of key questions, you will easily ascertain whether the training provider is adequately equipped to help you accomplish your goals or to help you meet the relevant requirements of your business. Essentially, the questions formulated are a checklist to ensure you don’t waste valuable time or money on the wrong course or training provider for you.

  • Does the training provider fully understand my training goals?
  • Is the training at the appropriate level for me?
  • Does the provider have related experience in my business/sector?
  • Will the training be individually tailored to my business’ needs or will it be generic?
  • Does the training provider offer a learning environment that is flexible for your needs?
  • Is the training at times and places suitable to you, your business or your employees?
  • How is the training assessed?
  • Are their courses accredited?
  • Do they keep up-to-date with current trends and demands?
  • Are they approachable and able to answer your questions and understand your needs?
  • Are their testimonials from clients that I can look at?

With a vast array of courses to choose from; Pitman programmes are intended to enhance your skills or to improve your self-efficacy in your related field.  Pitman Training provides a wide range of ‘job-specific’ courses in areas such as Secretarial, Computers, Accounts, Business and Personal Development. Their career enhancing Diploma Courses are used by clients to help them climb their career ladder or to assist them in a career change.

With a flexible style of training available; you can avail of lesson times that suit your schedule and responsibilities. There is a sense of constant possibility with Pitman Training as you can begin a course at any time, with a choice of full-time and part-time courses. Some of their courses can also be done remotely on-line.

Pitman Training offers:

Diplomas: Their Diplomas are made up of core and optional courses. Their Diplomas take several weeks to complete. You can study full-time or part-time and at times convenient to you. Most Diploma training is PC-based, with an ‘audio tutor’ to assist and facilitate your learning.

Courses: Pitman Training’s courses last from a few hours to a few days and follow the same PC-based format as their Diplomas. A Pitman Training course can help you to up-skill or to learn new skills to help your career advancement and work productivity.

Seminars: Seminars are different to their Courses and Diplomas in that they are classroom-based and tutor-led.

Pitman recognises the importance of course accreditation and certification. Their learning centres have been approved and accredited by the Further Education Training and Awards Council (FETAC) to provide FETAC Awards. Their courses and diplomas are also accredited by a number of key bodies including the British Accreditation Council (BAC), BCS, City & Guilds and CompTIA,  IAB (International Association of Book-keepers), among others.

Pitman’s 2011 Graduate Survey has shown that 77% of Pitman Training Diploma Graduates got jobs within six months. This affirms that employers recognise Pitman Training as a quality training provider alongside the fact that Pitman delivers employees equipped with both confidence and the skills to full the employment criteria.  The survey also established that 96% would recommend Pitman to relatives, colleagues and friends. The most popular courses, which were individually highlighted in this survey as a contributory factor to the great jobs success, were:

1.    Pitman Medical Secretary Diploma

2.    Pitman Introduction to Office Skills Diploma

3.    Pitman Advanced Accounts Diploma

In terms of training and up-skilling, Pitman Training exudes professionalism, innovation and dynamism. Their courses are delivered by experts who are responsive and encouraging. It has been proven that students and clients learn best when they are in an environment that is conducive to learning and when they feel supported. Pitman provides a stimulating, motivating and encouraging learning environment that guarantees optimum knowledge and skill acquisition.