Management Skills

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Management Skills is based on the premise that how you act in a business setting is often as important as what you know. Because management requires such a wide range of skills, all managers need to regularly assess their skill competency. Through self-assessment exercises and a learning journal, this course will encourage you to begin a process of self-evaluation that should continue throughout your career.

On successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  • Use methods of self-reflection to evaluate personal performance and professional development
  • Assess personal strengths, characteristics and skills that impact on workplace performance
  • Design strategies to build on strengths and continue skill development
  • Use skills to resolve real and case-study problems
  • Constructively engage with classroom colleagues to understand, accommodate and manage individual differences
  • Demonstrate your progress through the assignments developed by your tutor

Assessed by continuous assessment

  • Type : Part Time
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