Returning to Work After a Career Break

Make Your Return To Work A Successful One

If you’re returning to work after a career break, whether that’s after taking some time out to start a family or having some personal time to reassess your career, it can be a daunting thought.

When Pitman Training Swords help people to get back into work after time off, the common worries and fears we hear are:

– “Things will have moved on too much since I left”

– “I won’t remember how to do my job”

– “What if my cover has been doing a better job than me?”

– “I won’t know the new processes or understand how to use the new technology”

It’s understandable that a level of anxiety will come with returning to something after a long period of time. It’s almost like starting a new job when returning to work, because it’s a new routine and will take some adjusting to.

But there are steps you can take to ensure your return is a smooth and enjoyable one.

3 tips for returning to work after a career break

1. Start fresh – If you’re returning to an old job that you took maternity leave or a career break from, then don’t expect to just pick up where you left off. It’s natural that things will have progressed while you were away, so treat your return in the same way you would a new job. Start fresh and be prepared to learn and adapt to the changes that have occurred.

2. Asses your situation – If you’re applying for a new role entirely after a career break, it’s likely that employers will ask you about why you took the time off in the first place. This isn’t a negative thing – take the time to consider what you gained from your time off (did you start a family? Did you gain a qualification or take personal development courses? Did you focus on your health and wellbeing?). There is no right or wrong answer; just be honest and clear about the purpose of your time out.

3. Make a career plan – Whether you’re returning to the same role or starting a whole new career, planning your career gives you something to focus your attention when you return. Where do you want to be in 12 months? Or three years? Start small if talking in years is too overwhelming right now and just think in terms of the next 3-6 months. But however far ahead you look, be realistic with your goals and use them to keep your career on the right trajectory.

Article courtesy of Pitman Training Swords

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